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Plant Shop Manchester started via a spontaneous, last minute trip to Melbourne, Australia in 2016. Inspired by the range of nurseries around the city, we decided to bring to Manchester what we thought it was missing – more green. What began as just 100 mini cacti outside an office has now bloomed into our brick and mortar store in the beautiful Stockport Old Town. Come in and see us, and always remember to choose green.


  1. Posted by libpininterest, — Reply

    The purple ones are one of my favorites to put in a large planter with other plants. Beautiful color with small blooms at certain times.

  2. Posted by vaniaarlene, — Reply

    I used to have them in just two small pots, now they're dominating my entire garden beds and now we have 3 large pots of them too. These are actually fast spreading plant for tropical areas (where I live) and easy to take care of :)

  3. Posted by salomon9504, — Reply

    jaja und es war so ein kleines Pflänzchen 🙌

  4. Posted by libpininterest, — Reply

    Yes, do great in very warm climates.

  5. Posted by plantshop_, — Reply

    Chinese money plant aka Pilea :)

  6. Posted by jenncheah, — Reply

    Pilea Peperomioides or Chinese Money Plant ♥

  7. Posted by nasirtoray, — Reply

    bagus bener ya

  8. Posted by alessandra3396, — Reply

    Qual é o nome dessa planta?

  9. Posted by budinda, — Reply

    Sangat cantik 😍😍

  10. Posted by pncarvalho9139, — Reply

    Tipos de plantas

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